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This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Battered and Bruised

How long has it been since I told you a story of how I hurt myself?  Was it the head banging in the basement?  Because I bonked my head down there once this week and the same day I whacked it on a low hanging door in our barn.  Anyway….

Last night I fell down our basement steps.  We were headed to the basement to escape the storm that was pounding our house and since we’re still a bit shaken from the last wind storm we were all to eager to get to a safe spot.  
The fall was one of those drawn out moments that I knew I was falling and I was trying desperately to stop my body, but nothing could be done.  Oh, and I was holding Levi the entire time, so the movements of my body were orchestrated around not crushing my son or letting go of him.
At the end of the fall I was sprawled on a damp concrete floor face to face with a little frog.  Seriously, I was lifting my crippled hand and pointing to the frog for the kids to see.  And Levi?  He was standing on a pile of clothes completley unharmed.  
Today I look like I’ve been beaten.  I bruise so easily that it doesn’t take much for me to look battered.  Here’s a list of my injuries.
1. Thumb- black and blue
2. Shoulder- hickied
3. Thigh- grotesque color of green and purple
4. Top of foot- green and painful to wear flip-flops
5. Forearm- skinned
6. Palm of hand- impaled by concrete that is still embedded.
7. Wrist- scratched
I can’t imagine the flailing and twisting of my limbs that occurred during the fall because my injuries don’t make a lick of sense, especially the top of my shoulder and the top of my foot. 
The good news, my face and head are unharmed if you don’t count the bruising from the prior head whackings.  The bad news, I am destined to break a hip….any day now.
I was telling one of my new friends about this fall and she asked if my kids were scared to see me get hurt.  I had to laugh and tell her they’re used to it.
It’s also brought to my attention how much I require the use of my thumb. 
Okay, carry on with your day and be careful out there,  this world is a dangerous place, believe me, I know.
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