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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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A Mighty Wind

Last week as I was driving home from Ellen’s soccer practice I got a phone call from Seth.  Looking back it cracks me up how he started the conversation, “Mom!  I know you’re not going to believe me, but a tornado just hit the house!”  I’m glad he’s aware that his history of over exaggerating has numbed my reactions.

Since I was driving down our road and could see the roof of our house I said, “But, Seth I’m right here I can see the house, there is no tornado. “

He had taken his brothers to the basement where they were huddled in fear.  As I drove down our lane I started to see that something had hit our place with great force.  Our basketball goal was down, fascia was missing from the house and the shed….smashed.
The shed was all over the cornfield.  It looked like it had exploded. And the trees appeared to have puked all their extra limbs onto the ground.
What a mess.  Hey, did I tell you we have a pond?  Yea, Seth dug it last fall and Preacher digs in it everyday.  Now it’s full of wood and concrete and debris, but that doesn’t seem to keep Preacher from sloshing around in it.
The big bad wind peeled back a section of our barn roof.  My neighbor asked if we were going to call our insurance and at first I didn’t think we would, but then my father told me to call because we probably had more damage than we thought.  So that’s the insurance dude on the barn roof.
And this is the gaping hole in the roof.  One of my friends (who is one of those folks that feels sorry for us living out here on this old place) said, “What’s your insurance going to do send you some scraps of metal and old wood?”  But, then I thought well, uh, yeah.  Aren’t most barns made out of metal and wood?  And if it’s destroyed it’s a pretty big loss.   I mean my chickens don’t have a home now, cuz it’s laying out in the cornfield!  

The same friend also hates trees.  She was surprised that none of our big old trees didn’t fall down and crush the house and maybe we should think about cutting them down.  sigh  

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