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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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This is a post about an empty bottle of vanilla. I know, I’m grasping. My parents brought it back from Mexico. That would make it Mexican vanilla or VAIN-ILLA, which makes me thinks it was harvested from a vein out of Godzilla. Guess how long I’ve had it? Did you guess 14 years?

It was as old as my daughter. Is it creepy that I was using 14 year old VAINILLA in my recipes? Is it creepier that it took me 14 years to consume it? Does VAINILLA ever go bad? I’m thinking, no it’s soaked in some sort of alcohol, so it should last for eternity….right? Is it strange to have such an ENORMOUS bottle of VAINILLA in the first place? What were the people producing this VAINILLA thinking? Are they recycling old water bottles? Is it, or rather, was it even vanilla to begin with?

The bottle was so big I couldn’t fit it in the drawer or cupboard with my other spices and flavorings. This bottle had it’s very own special spot. For fourteen years it has been put away by the flour and sugar bins. My kids won’t know where to find the normal bottle of vanilla and will wonder why the heck it’s stored amonst the cinnamon and cloves.
VAINILLA is very potent, so if a recipe called for one teaspoon of vanilla I learned very quickly to use four or five droplets of VAINILLA. If I used too much, then whatever I was baking would taste like something tropical, sort of coconutty. Again I ask, was it really vanilla?
I’m sad that my VAINILLA is gone. Now I’ll have to go buy normal vanilla and follow the alloted amounts in the recipe. What fun is that? I used to feel like a chemist putting teensy weensy drips of VAINILLA in my batter. I’m beginning to think no, this was not vanilla.
My family won’t recognize the taste of my baking. I mean, all they’ve known is VAINILLA!
Goodbye VAINILLA. I will miss you.
Maybe my next bottle of vanilla will actually fit in my spice cupboard and actually be, without a doubt, vanilla.
Okay, sorry for posting about an empty bottle of vanilla. What can I say? Nothing is happening around here. Clay said, “This post is boring”. Hey, Clay go write your own blog!
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