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Downtown Barber

I can’t get my act together enough to put these photos in order, so I think my entire post is going to be about something other than a trip to the downtown barber, maybe. This will be like one of those puzzles in which you have to order the pictures in the sequence in which they occurred and reading my ramblings about other stuff. Okay? Have fun. Or not.

I let one of my kids borrow my chap stick the other day and it came back tasting like salt. Instead of wiping it off I put it back in my purse, forgot that it tasted like a salt lick and used it again the next day. I think if I were a dog with one of those shock collars it would take more than a few zaps for me to understand my boundaries.
We spent the weekend in Wichita watching basketball games. Wichita, you are a weird city. I don’t need to visit you again for a long time. However, I did enjoy all the highway retaining wall art, that’s kinda cool, but just how much did that cost your city? Huh? Here is where the artist in me celebrates and the conservative whinces in pain. Oh, the inner conflict.
There are two people in my pottery class with dreadlocks. I never understood dreadlocks. One of my roommates in college tried to get dreads for awhile. I desperately wanted to give her head a good scrub and brush. She finally got sick of it and went back to having normal, clean, brushed hair.
My husband is a gigantic goof ball. He’s also very cute. He took me to an awesome place for dinner on Valentine’s Day. The menu offered locally grown produce and meat. I ate pork chops, which is a weird thing for me to order, but I was so happy when I was cramming it in my pie hole. I also enjoyed the copper light sconces in the restaurant that were made by my former jewelry professor.

Daddy long legs. Long tall Texan. Long, lean, walkin’ machine.

There is nothing like having your hair cut by a tattooed barber from Brooklyn. He may sound rough and tough. His tattoos may alarm you, but he’s pretty dang nice.

Especially, when he gives you a sucker for being, “a good kiddo”. Whoops, I forgot I was supposed to be talking about other things. Like, Preacher, he’s getting his nuts cut out today. Poor thing. It must be bothering me, because last night I had a dream that we owned three dogs and they all had some serious psychological issues.

I’m sorry, but I have the cutest three year old in the world. I know some of you think you have the cutest three year old, but you don’t, he lives with me. Now, I didn’t say he was the best behaved….just the cutest, which is why I let him continue to live with me, I like putting cute things in my house.

Evolution of the Jayhawk. Very important to know in case you ever get in a debate about creation vs evolution.
He once looked like a real bird without shoes. But eventually, he needed large yellow-taloned shoes.

The End. Thank God.


Let’s rewind back to Friday, which seems like a decade ago.  
Carmen, my best childhood friend,  came for a visit.  I’d planned on going to eat somewhere girly, especially after I heard her order her lunch while talking to her via the phone, “Hold on April, I need to order my taco….uh, yeah, I’ll take a Nacho Bell Grande…”  So her appetite for junk food has not changed.  Needless to say, I was still a little surprised when she suggested Mexican again for dinner.
She was the teenager that would raid our pantry and drink all the old orange soda and eat all the stale bags of chips.  I don’t think I ever saw her turn down food.  I don’t think I ever saw her gain weight.  She is still skinny and eats like a fat man.
It was bitterly cold and windy when we stepped out for the night, so we went to the first warm spot we found downtown.  It was a barbie Q joint.  We drank beer and ate bbq, we are such ladies. 

She wasn’t too excited that I kept snapping photos of her.  I insisted it was for the blogger good, but ever since she’s been denied access to my blog, well, she doesn’t really understand my need to tell the world all the stupid details of my life.

After we ate we went to the local Christian bookstore/coffeehouse/art gallery.  It’s a hoppin’ spot.
Hey, St. Louisans!  That’s Ryan Mayo (son of N. Mayo from CPC) on the guitar…he goes to my church.  The gal sitting on the stool is Jill Koch.
Carmen and art from Kansas.  

This painting of a burning field takes my breath away.  It’s hot.

Who doesn’t love some Indian stabbing bison sculpture?  Huh?  It’s incredible.
Okay, that’s all I’ve got.  I’m trying very hard to pretend I’m not coming down with the flu because Clay has reservations for us to go out tonight and I really want to go out to eat with my sweetheart…..almost as much as I want to crawl into my bed and not move for a few days.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to finish this post for days and this is the best I can do, so take it or stick it, either way.
Now, go say you love your honey’s  and give them lots of hugs and kisses.

Reader Love

Faithful Readers and Anonymous Commenters and Accidental Clickers,

It’s time again to give you an opportunity to speak up. See my linkage over to the right? Do you feel the need to be on that list? Do you?

I’m terrible at updating this little spot of my life. This blogaroom is untidy and outmoded. I don’t see myself doing much to it, besides adding some new links, so please, tell me if you feel the need to be here. I’ll gladly add you, unless you are a slimy weirdo.

Also, MuddyMama (she is so dang cute) and Carol @ I throw like a girl (love that tag, by the way) and one other person, that I can’t remember (please remind me if you can) tagged me. I’m openly admitting that I love to be tagged, but I’m never going to get them done, nope, not gonna. I know one tag was the ‘6 quirky things about me’ and I’ve done a couple of those, but as you probably are aware, there are enough quirky-whack a mole things about me to choke out the human race. I will let those things unfold slowly with time so as not to shock you.

*****EDITED TO ADD*****  Sweet DAHLING CYNTHIA was the other wonderful blogger that tagged me.  Please forgive me Cynthia, it’s me, not you, I have the problem, it’s called no memory.  

In other news…. Guess who’s coming to town tonight? My bestest childhood friend, CARMEN!!!! I haven’t seen her since we moved back, I’m so excited! She told me she hasn’t been able to read my blog because the server at her office blocked it. Apparently, she would read Rechelle’s blog and mine over lunch, but the server thought she was doing something inappropriate and locked her out. Poor girl, her lunch hour must be so lonely now. I’ll take some crappy photos to post of our evening together.

That’s it. That’s all I have. Oh wait, one more thing.

Old griddle

New griddle!!!!  Wow!  It looks great!  And it cooks so much better!  
Thank you Kathy!
Kathy, because of your sweetness, my friend ‘Miss Notesy’ wants to make you a set of her adorable hand made cards.  Please go over and pick out a set.  She’s expecting you!

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