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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Driving Me Nutso Crazy Whack-a-Mole

Sigh….you wanna hear some stuff?

No?  Too bad.
I drove all over freakin‘ everywhere today.  To school, back home.  
To Vesecky Farms to borrow egg chart and chicken, guinea and turkey eggs for homeschool demonstration.  
By the way, how awesome can a person be when a total stranger calls and says, “Hey, my name is April Weirdo and I saw your egg demonstration this fall during the tour of farms and, well, I was uh, wondering if I could borrow it?”  and then the person, without hesitation, says, “Yes, I’ll go dig it out of the storage shed.”  That’s right they had to dig it out of storage.  They put all the eggs in little labeled sacks aaaand did it all in an hour, cuz that’s all I gave them before I went to pick it up.  Then…yes, then when I get to the door, I’m greeted by the sweetest woman ever and another young woman holding a one month old baby, so it’s not like they had anything better to do but gather eggs and dig in the storage shed for me.  God of wonders.
driving cont…
To pick up carpool.  To drop son off at play practice.  To drop two kids off at school.  To grocery store to get supplies for homeschool demo.  Back to school to pick up daughter.  To Clay’s office to pick up some copies of egg thingy he made for me.  To homeschool co-op  group.  To Clay’s office to borrow cash that daughter needs for pizza party with basketball team.  To basketball practice.  To Bread Company to buy three loaves of bread to say  ‘you are so awesome thank you‘ to the Vesecky’s.  To Vesecky Farm.  To pick up my son at a friends house.  To home-sweet…what is that smell?
Oh, dear, I think that it might be cat pee.  Hard to tell with the lining of my nostrils hanging out of my nose.  But, yes, it has to be cat pee.  Where is it?  
Then begins the sniffing.  Sniffing carpets, sniffing shoes, coats, gloves, trash.  Where is it?  I took out the trash, nope not it.  Crapnutshellfreakgur!  Fine!  I’ll just mop the freaking floor!  Fill the sink with water….. oh my freaking wow!    I think it’s coming from the sink! The cat peed in the sink.  Usually, she does what any normal person would do and uses the toilet.  I’ve told you all this before, but in case your new, my cats pee in the toilet.  I had nothing to do with it, it just happened.  But the lids were down on the toilets and when that happens she uses the sink, gross, I know.  She has never used the kitchen sink so, this was new, and my oh my it stunk up the whole house!  
But, now I have clean floors and my cat can live another day and I’m not getting back in my van to drive anyone anywhere for anything…until tomorrow.
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