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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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New Year, Old Things

What I’m hoping this new year will bring.

1.  Finished dining room walls.  Cause I’m sorta over looking at the termite eaten wall.
2. A longing to exercise so severe that I run right out the door and don’t stop until I’m completely de-muffin topped.
3. For a little boy named Caden to be healed from cancer.
4. A garden lush with tomatoes.
5. A cow to put in my freezer.
6. Chickens, a coop, fresh eggs.
7. Turkeys to be named Harry and Martha.
8. Fruit trees heavy laden.  Therefore causing me to beg my mom and sister to come help make a gazillion jars of preserves.
9. Oh, I’m afraid to write this….here goes, to refurbish my childhood furniture that looks like it was salvaged from the dump.  I’ve been meaning to repaint it for um, well, uh, 14 years.  What are the chances of me actually getting it done?
10. To read more.
11. Get back into pottery.  My fingers ache to play with Clay….I mean clay.  I really miss the wheel and the creative outlet. 
12. For my parents to get their house sold so they can move closer to me and start carting my children around to games and activities while I become the next greatest potter.
13. Aaaand now for the cheese whiz.  I hope for my children to remain healthy and happy.  I can only hope for my husband to stay just the way he is, purrrfect (Honeeee, are you reading this?  I didn’t mention the camera cord…..that you lost.)  And I hope for many, many more happy days here in Kansas.
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