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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Name Game

Do I have to ‘splain everything?

My entire family has multiple nicknames. Some of them make no sense what so ever while others have a complete history and explanation. But, maybe this will help some of you nay sayers and then you can go tell my sister to stick it in her sticker!
Ellen Elizabeth– Elly Belly- Ells Bells- Bells- Bellers. She has also been called Ennie and Ennum and Ewan by her little brothers.
She answers to all of them. She likes all of them with a slight, eensy-weensy, dissatisfaction with Ennum, which her baby brother still says instead of Ellen.
Seth- Sethy- Seph- Sephers- Bubbers…all derived from his siblings many of his oldest friends continue to call him Sethy and he is just now becoming uncomfortable with all of it.
Isaac Jesse– Ike- Ika- Ika Jesse- Ika Jo Jesse- ….originated from his cousin Jack. He answers to all of them. His baby brother is the only other person besides me that calls him Ike on a regular basis.
Levi– Deeda By- Deets- Deeters…coined by our next door neighbor’s 2yo daughter. Mostly we just call him “Giant Pain In The Butt” or “Constant Source Of Irritation” or “God Why?”
Clay– Claystor- Claystorian- Clay Boy- Moron….. I know that last one just sort of slips in every once in a while and yet he still answers to it. His mother hated, with an enormous passion, that I would address a letter to Claystor. Ooooh, she did not like me messing with his name. His name is so simple and yet people have a hard time deciphering it. He is often called Clint or Glenn or Clayton and then one time Gary?????
and then there’s me…..
Rechelle, is to blame. She read a book in which the main character had a weird tick about reading words backwards, sdrawkcab. So my sister starts saying and reading everything backwards. If we were driving down the road and she saw a sign that said ‘Goodland exit now’, she would say aloud, “Dnaldoog tixe won”. She became profoundly good at it and after awhile it was less fascinating and more irritating because we never knew tahw eht lleh ehs saw gniyas.
Then one day, she was done. Except for my name, April or Lirpa. She made it sound like a disease, Lurpa. The sad thing, I answer to it every stinkin’ time and if people hear me called Lirpa, then they start calling me Lirpa. It followed me to college. When my sister showed up at my dorm and called me Lirpa in front of my roommates from that day on I was Lirpa. If my sister and I are in a store she’ll call out, “Lirp, let’s go!” or “Look at this lovely thing Lirps” or if she’s in a sweet moody, “Lirpy, let’s go get coffee.” I see the looks people give me. They’re stunned, why would anyone name their child Lirpa? Good gawd! My father will very occasionally refer to me as Lirpy. I don’t think my mother has ever used Lirpa. I’ve never asked anyone to call me Lirpa.
But, in all this time, no matter how much I didn’t like being called Lirpa, I never asked her to stop, because she never calls me Lirpa when she’s mad, irritated, disappointed or bored with me. Lirpa is her code word for saying, “You’re my little sister and I love you”.
So, no, I will not and cannot stop calling Ellen, Bellers, because it’s more than just a nickname, it’s an expression of my love for her. It’s a brand I’ve place on my sweet girl and she carries it quite delicately as if she were being called, “Daisy Rose Petal Blossom Petunia Cupcake Sugar Pie Dumpling Head”. So, go STICK IT IN YOUR STICKER!
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