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The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Whatcha know bout…..

This is Ike. I can’t help but smile when he comes in the room, he’s just so stinkin‘ sweet. When he smiles his whole face lights up the room, he has happy eyes and jolly cheeks and a teeny, tiny nose that I love to tweak. Other people love this kid too. He teachers are fond of him, other adults that know him are amazed at his docile behavior, kids flock to be by him because he’ll play anything and not argue. He’s just a fun, easy going little guy that I’ve marveled at since the day I pushed him into this world.

Oh, but then there’s the teeth grinding, Lord, the teeth grinding. Even he laughs at how awful it is for all of us to listen to him sleep. Like fingernails scraping down a chalk board it grates every nerve in my body. Hopefully, it will stop when he starts loosing his teeth, God please let that be soon and let them all fall out at once. Surely, he won’t grind his gums. Whatever worries, anxieties or fears he’s working through at night must pay off because he sleeps as hard as a rock while he’s gnashing those teeth and wakes up in the morning with a smile on his face.

And then there’s the questions. Lots and lots of questions, all day long he interrogates me with all the knowledge he wants to soak up into his light bulb shaped head. The questions begin simple by asking what I know about a broad subject like, bugs, sharks, dinosaurs, rocks, airplanes, etc. and then if he’s not satisfied with my answer, he’ll ask, “What else?” as if I didn’t give him my full breadth of knowledge on the subject. It goes something like this…

Mom, whatcha know bout sharks?
They live in the ocean, eat other fish, have a big fin that comes out of their back and give birth to their young.
What else?
They gobble up little boys with blond hair that ask too many questions.

When I’m tired of the questions I just answer, “I don’t know”. But, now he asks me, “Why don’t you know?” “Because, Daddy knows all those answers, let’s give him a call and you can ask him.”

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