The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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Toys Find New Home

A few weeks ago a neighboring subdivision was have a HUGE GARAGE SALE!!! Are they really selling huge garages? I also like signs that advertise HUGE Multi-Family Sale! I wonder what a multi-family is going for these days.

Anyway, I went to the HUGE GARAGE SALE!! To see if anyone might be selling a really cute dresser to put in my boys room. We drove through the curvy wooded drives checking out the junk, the rif-raf, the discards that people wish you would pay for, the damaged goods and the mid 80’s decor in mauve, beige and gray. I was just about ready to offer people my truck to haul their crap to the dumpster when we located a heaven on earth for boys.

An older woman sat reading a book, sitting beside her were several Rubbermaid containers full of joy. One container had nothing put Playmobile, another full to the brim with Legos and the last one was all Lord of the Rings action figures. She had a table full of PlayStation games and on the ground laid roller blades and baseball gloves. Every item was in pristine condition. I was afraid to ask her what had happened to the children that these wonderful and obviously expensive toys belonged to. She must have seen the concern on my face because she offered up that her only child, a son, was now 16 and had outgrown these toys.

My 11yo son was with me and I let him choose what he wanted to bring home. We are now the proud owners of a bunch of Lord of the Rings characters and a new PlayStation game. I was the greatest mom in the world for bringing those toys home and now they are spread all over my house, being utterly destroyed… all good toys should.

The one toy in the box that I could have lived without is this one…

But why April? It looks like a glob of spinach around an egg. What’s so wrong with that?

Well, it’s not spinach, but egg might be sort of correct.

It’s the birth of an Ork thingy. And it wins the title “Creepiest Toy Ever Made”.

Of course my boys love it. Well, they love it until their sister makes blueberry buckle. What does that have to do with a gross toy? Everything. You see the gross birth-of-a-demonic-creature toy was sitting on the kitchen counter when my 5yo begged to have a helping of his sister’s homemade yummy dessert.
Only when he saw the blueberry buckle and the toy side by side…..they sort of looked similar, and then he couldn’t bring himself to eat any of that buckle. I must say I had a hard time stomaching it too.

Nice People do Nice

Check out my linkage. See? If you are brave enough to ask…you may just get linked on my oh-so-humble bloggage. I was surprised by some of the passion that was unleashed by that post.

Uh, Tim and Faith, forgive me. I put you right under Pioneer Woman…I think ya’ll will get along just fine there. You know country neighbors, they’re the bestest.

Are any of you feeling left out? Yes? Well, I won’t know it, unless you speak up, so you still have time. Speak! Speak Bloggers! Speak! Good Bloggers.

Pottery, Metal Works and Poultry

Time for a pottery class update. Calm down, I know, it’s exciting. Okay, I’m gonna need everyone to just sit down and take deep breaths, because you are about to behold some of the most excruciatingly awesome pots ever made.

Here my priceless gems are sitting on the rack covered in glaze and waiting to be gently lowered into a kiln to be fired. See the one in front that is sort of bowlishspittoonish? That was probably my nicest piece, note I said was. Ike dropped it on the way out of the studio when I went to pick up my finished pieces. Poor guy, he was so distraught. Lesson: do not take children with you to pick up your pottery.

Ink pot and Wobbly Bowl…I know, cute eh?
Ellen claimed these bowls for herself, she’s really likes the ink pot, I think it’s just the right size for earrings.

Superman and Strange-Squished-Bottom Spittoon
This is Seth’s favorite…. but, the Superman belongs to Ike.

Flower pot and Syrup Pitcher
Ike got dibs on the pitcher.

Disaster. This piece I spun right off the wheel while I was learning how to trim, but I made it into “Art”. I think it will be stored under the kitchen cabinet with a rusty Brillo pad in it.

I have lots and lots and lots more that I made, so many that I don’t reamember what most of them look like. But, alas they are not quite finished or I can’t find them on the pottery shelf with the other student’s work.
And in other news….

These sweet fence finials I bought at the Gypsy caravan. Look at those forms. Aren’t they lovely?

Maybe someday, I’ll have a garden gate that I can adorn.

Chickens adorning TBLDBT.