The Living Without Series

This is a series of posts that I wrote back in 2006 on living with less stuff. Check them out: liv011Living #2liv031liv04

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The Church

Some of you may be interested in the highly evolved form of worship that some of my friends and I participated in recently. Really, go check it out….

The Church

If you have any questions let me know.

FYI… The first comment on the link is by my Pastor, who is also in the video…just so you know.

Check out my folks.

Go check out my people building a barn. Dang, I wish I was there.

My dad is the guy in the red hat. Does he look little? Yes? That’s because he is. It’s nearly impossible to guess that I came from this man. He’s 5’8″, had jet black hair (it’s mostly silver now) and he has deep chocolate colored eyes. He tans in the summer and only has freckles on his shoulders. But, if you want to talk about an attitude, well then, I did gain a bit of bull-headedness and a mighty dose of I’m-always-right-no-matter-what from my dad, even to the point of Clay calling me Harry sometimes by mistake.

My mom is the gal sitting in the chair on the porch. What? You guessed that? Was it because she’s laughing her ever loving head off? Can you hear her cackle? It’s not hard to make my mom laugh…really hard, especially when your doing something really stupid like; immitating people, dancing, making faces or talking about the weather. She’s just got a funny bone that is always tickled. Or did you guess that was my mom because she looks like an older version of me?

If only I lived in Europe.

Because I feel that the best way to deal with my inadequacies is to air them on the internet, I give you this post. It’s my gift to you. You’re welcome.

I’ve hit an all new low. I cut myself shaving. I know, you’re saying, so? But, I didn’t cut myself on the ankle or the knee or the back of my thigh. I stopped shaving above my knee a long time ago, it takes away too much time in the shower. I’d rather be standing under the steaming hot water staring at the harvest gold shower liner.

If your thoughts have ventured to the knicks and scrapes I must have inflicted to my armpits, your wrong again. What’s left? The ever sensitive bikini area? Ah, but if I don’t shave above my knees, well, then that would just be ridiculous and please, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was in highschool and I think I’ve mentioned before that I wear a swimsuit that could second as an outfit to wear shopping or at least play tennis.

I cut myself shaving. The cut is on my ear. The older I get, the hairy I become. You can start calling me Ape-ril.